Health & Safety


Risk Management

It is necessary for the success of business to assess changes within the scope of work; these changes can also introduce new hazards and risks, which if not properly identified, assessed, and controlled can result in an incident. It is critical that all changes are adequately assessed to understand the impact on people, environment, processes, equipment, and facilities.  Hazard identification, risk assessment and change of management processes are pro-active approaches to dealing with concerns and issues that have the potential to create unplanned, unexpected, or undesirable consequences. Increased awareness and knowledge of risks and Hazards are essential to more effective business decisions and fewer incidents and are key components of due diligence.  Hazards can be identified, assessed, and mitigated by applying an effective change of management process.  The process can be a simple personal assessment, a team assessment in the field, or a formal group assessment.

Operational Control

Risk assessments will determine the operational controls and procedures that must be in place to ensure work activities are performed safely, worker health is protected, and regulatory compliance is maintained. Regular monitoring and accountability are necessary to ensure controls are effective. Corporate safety and health staff will:

  • Evaluate operational controls and procedures.
  • Use external bench marking Identify and recommend controls for consistency across the corporation Conduct regular assessment of the effectiveness of controls and procedures to achieve safety performance objectives.
  • Ensure appropriate controls, including operational, process, maintenance, and safety and health involvement in the review of design and development of new projects and facilities.

Contractors Safety System Analysis

We will assess and assist in the implementation of safety systems and will source the necessary accredited companies to approve current safety systems for accreditation.  Findings from these audits for accreditation an action plan will be drawn up and distributed to all parties involved to give an accurate completion date for the next planned audit.  Construction monthly compliancy audits will be re audited to ensure consistency in document procedures and standards which improves the system stability.

Performance Assessment

We will make use of an HR agent and Safety Advisor to do monthly performance assessments to ensure that all employees improve on standards and procedures. Monitoring will be done during activities and documented. Findings will be calculated and a report will be submitted to head of departments to identify any areas for improvement in safety systems, employee’s performance and or working conditions